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"For a long time I put up with back pain because I thought that was just what happened when people get older- they hurt. My fiance had a lot of success with a chiropractor in the city so I did a lot of research and decided to give Dr. Baker a call to see if he could help me. I am so glad I did!! He took x rays and he showed me right where my spine was out of line! I have been in for a number of visits since then and I am feeling a lot better. My back doesn’t hurt and I have a lot more energy. He’s even helped with my TMJ and my shoulder that popped a lot. I definitely recommend Baker Family Corrective Spinal Care to everyone!"

- Kelly S.

"I was a chiropractic skeptic for a long time, but I had enough issues with upper back pain that at some point I decided that it couldn’t hurt to at least consult with a chiropractor. I’ve since seen a couple of chiropractors, the most recent of which is Dr. Baker, and I am now pain-free in my upper back.

Dr. Baker is a professional who takes patient care seriously. He takes x-rays of each new patient and explains his findings thoroughly and patiently. Aside from the extremely helpful chiropractic adjustments, he also provides advice on nutrition, sleep, healing from injury, and injury prevention. Additionally, they have often found time to see me on short notice, and the appointments are generally quick and efficient.

Highly recommended."

- Matt R.

"Nicest, caring people who are always helpful. Dr. Baker is awesome, always going over exactly what is causing symptoms and how the treatment is going to reduce or cure any issues, very open and good place to get any chiropractic work done."

- Cameron F.

"Dr baker is the best! I came in first a few months ago, and from the start I’ve felt comfort and professionalism. I am currently going a few times a week for a proper adjustment and I look forward to every moment of it! I love all the workers here and I honestly am absolutely happy with choosing to go here. Thank you so much for the great adjustments!"

- Alison L.

"The first time I visited Dr. Baker, he was very thorough with the check-up. He did an x-ray analysis on the bone and pointed out a couple of places where adjustment would help. He was always straightforward and willing to explain. Very easy to talk to. After putting me on a plan which entailed frequent visits. I have noticed that the SI pain was controlled. Then after 1 solid month, that’s when I feel the pain is not appearing as often. Now I don’t feel it. I have to say that with good adjustments and regular maintenance the body just does feel more relaxed. Workouts are more useful as the muscles are moving better thus creating more power. I have an SRM power meter on my bike, it can measure power output with 5% accuracy. I have noticed a power increase from the adjustments through numbers. So if any cyclist out there feeling the same pain, come over and give Dr. Baker a visit. I highly recommend it. The office is very conveniently located.

Also, if you ever get a chance to wait, check out the “Rhino books” and hope you will agree that Dr. Baker is a Rhino!"

- James Y.

"I have been suffering with (at times, severe) back pain for years due to an old injury. Over the years, I’ve seen about 4 different chiropractors for my back issues. During my pregnancy, I was on bed rest which took a great toll on my spine/back. After having the baby, I had a very difficult time walking because my spine was completely out of whack. This was the beginning of another back episode. I began to seek care with another chiropractor before Dr. Baker (with whom I was seeing sporadically before going on bed rest). Unfortunately, I felt like this other chiropractor was not doing much for me…plus, I was only seeing him out of convenience as his office was a few blocks from where I live and his office was not very welcoming which made it easy for me to finally make the decision to leave and go to another chiropractor. Using Yelp! I found Dr. Baker…and wow, am I so glad I made the decision to go see him! On my first few visits with him, he was very thorough with X-rays and came up with a proper treatment plan. I was glad he took X-rays (something my previous Chiro did not do) because I actually got to see how twisted and lopsided my spine and hips were and trust me, it was not a pretty sight! I’ve been seeking treatment with Dr. Baker for about 6 months now and I feel (and my spine looks) so much better!! I see him 1-2x week because I have a 1yr old that requires me to be mobile and not in pain. And since I’ve been seeing him I’ve never been so active in my LIFE! Dr. Baker and his team are exceedingly friendly, welcoming, and very kid-friendly. Appointments are easy to make and they are very flexible with walk-ins.

In short, if you’re looking for a chiropractor in the Walnut Creek area I highly recommend giving Dr. Baker a try!"

- Denise M.

"I have been going to DR. Baker since September 2012. For years I have had lots of pain in my lower back and neck. After a few weeks of going to him, the pain is gone and Dr. Baker helped me improve my lifestyle and gave me lots of advice on how to prevent injuries. All this with no medicine!
He also treats my pregnant wife who really needs it and our 2-year-old son who sleeps so well since being treated.
Dr. Baker is amazing and he has changed our lives for good. His service is worth more than he charges.

Last but not least he has become essential in our lives and we never felt physically better. I can finally walk tall, straight, and have the energy to work out. Thank you Dr. Baker we appreciate all your hard work."

- Lavi C.

"I was reluctant & skeptical to try another Chiropractor because of my 2 previous experiences with Chiropractors and 1 Spine Specialist who didn’t solve my spine problems (despite multiple visits, my time, & money).

I appreciate that Dr. Baker wants the results I want for myself and is willing to do whatever it takes to get results, including an uncommon (& effective!) side adjustment on my mid-back (when years of compression & rotation weren’t budging). Dr. Baker has oodles of Chiropractic techniques up his sleeve.

I feel happier, stronger, more flexible, & more energetic in my body since I began seeing Dr. Baker. I’m glad Dr. Baker offers free consultations, which made it easy for me to go in."

- Wendy M.

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